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Digital Therapist

Innovative digital therapy for people with Bell's Palsy & Facial paralysis.

Application fills the space of home therapy and helps to remove facial asymmetry.

  • Exercises designed by experts
  • Muscle movement tracking
  • Synkinesis prevention
  • Face asymmetry scanning
  • Progress tracking

Mobile application measure performed muscle movement activity using a depth camera in a smartphone. Thanks to face tracking and synkinesis prevention ability, application alerts patient, when perform improper muscle movements.

Based on our algorithm and the collected data, the application allows you and your physician track the progress of your treatment and adapt the proposed exercises.

Why Choose Us

Therapy was designed by our team of fully trained and professionally registered therapists. This is achieved by continued training and education in the most current and modern methods of treatment in the field of physical therapy.

Years of Experience

Online Doctor Consultation

Are you struggling with facial paralysis and need help to better understand your problems and condition? Are you bother with long wait for consultation from specialist? Consult now with FaceRehab.

What are benefits?

  • Video consultation at the scheduled time
  • Convenient and Easy
  • 100% Safe Consultations
  • Consultation will be fully private and secured
  • Follow Ups

FaceRehab upholds the highest standards when approving doctors for online consultations. That means every doctor you see on the platform is highly qualified.

How does consultation works?

  • Choose an appoitment type
  • Pick your preferred appointment date
  • Fill your contact information
  • After payment you will receive an email with the instructions
  • Join the video conference on time and consult your problems with the specialist.

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