Digital Therapist

Mobile application measure patient level of facial paralysis and performed muscle movement activity using a depth camera in a smartphone.

After initial face diagnosis, patient can practice recommended exercises or play mini games using face movement controller in application. Games motivate and offer an alternative way of training. Front camera tracks all face movements and create data and treatment diary.

Thanks to face tracking ability, application alerts patient, when perform improper facial expression or muscle movements. Based on our algorithm and collected data physiotherapists can manage patient treatment and type of exercise.

  • We are providing unique algorithm which analyse treatment progress, muscle movement and level of disability.
  • Face rehab offers completely new digital treatment.

Our Team

Our team combines technical development and medical knowledge with physiotherapist on the board.


Veronika Hudzikova



Julia Matejova



Marek Haluska



Filip Hudzik

Tech Lead

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